cl:merge!   scheme

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;;; (cl:merge! a b less?)
;;; takes two sorted lists a and b and smashes their cdr fields to form a
;;; single sorted list including the elements of both.
;;; Note:  this does _not_ accept arrays.
(define (cl:merge! a b less?)
  (define (loop r a b)
    (if (less? (car b) (car a))
  (begin (set-cdr! r b)
    (if (null? (cdr b))
        (set-cdr! b a)
        (loop b a (cdr b))))
  ;; (car a) <= (car b)
  (begin (set-cdr! r a)
    (if (null? (cdr a))
        (set-cdr! a b)
        (loop a (cdr a) b)))))
  (cond ((null? a) b)
  ((null? b) a)
  ((less? (car b) (car a))
   (if (null? (cdr b))
       (set-cdr! b a)
       (loop b a (cdr b)))
  (else (if (null? (cdr a))
       (set-cdr! a b)
       (loop a (cdr a) b))

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