clock:sync-adjust   scheme

Defined in:


(define clock:sync-adjust
   (lambda (server-proc local-proc samples wait-time . args)
      (let loop ((i samples)
     (lst '()))
   (sys:sleep wait-time)
   (if (> i 0)
       (loop (- i 1)
       (cons (clock:offset-from-server server-proc local-proc) lst))
       (let* ((l1 (cddr (cl:sort lst <))) ;; remove bottom 2
        (l2 (cddr (reverse l1)))) ;; remote top 2
         ;; check tolerance of return
         (if (> (math:std-deviation l2)
          (if (null? args) 0.0005 (car args)))
       (begin (log-info "clock sync outside tolerance - making no time adjustment: " (math:std-deviation l2))
        (log-info "clock times: " lst))
       (begin (log-info 'clock 'successfully 'adjusted 'by (/ (apply + l2) (length l2)) 'seconds)
        (clock:adjust-offset (/ (apply + l2) (length l2))))))))))

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