histogram   xtlang

Defined in:  https://github.com/digego/extempore/tree/v0.8.9/libs/core/math.xtm


(bind-func histogram
  "like the full version, but use the min and max values in the buffer as upper and lower"
  (lambda (hist:HistBin* buf:float* len nbins)
    (let ((lower 0.0)
          (upper 0.0))
      ;; find max/min values
      (doloop (i len)
        (if (< (pref buf i) lower)
            (set! lower (pref buf i)))
        (if (> (pref buf i) upper)
            (set! upper (pref buf i))))
      (histogram:[HistBin*,HistBin*,float*,i64,float,float,i64]* hist buf len lower upper nbins))))

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