impc:ti:begin-check   scheme

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(define impc:ti:begin-check
  (lambda (ast vars kts request?)
    ;;(println 'request: request?)
    ;; we should ONLY use request? on the LAST sexpr in the begin
    ;; i.e. we should only use the LAST begin sexpr for a return type
    (let ((sexplst (reverse (cdr ast))))
      (if (and (list? (car sexplst))
               (member (caar sexplst) '(ifret)))
          (if (<> (length (car sexplst)) 4)
              (impc:compiler:print-compiler-error "Conditional statements in a return position must provide two branches!" (car sexplst))))
      ;; we need type check coverage for ALL sexpr's
      ;; by only the last one counts towards the returned type

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