impc:ti:closure:convert   scheme

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;; adds make-closure and make-env tags
(define impc:ti:closure:convert
  (lambda (ast esyms)
    (cond ((pair? ast)
           (if (member (car ast) *impc:lambdaslist*)
               (let (;(env (impc:ti:block:check-for-free-syms ast esyms))
                     (allocate-mem-for-vars? (impc:ti:allocate-var? (cdr ast))))
                 (list (cond ((eq? (car ast) 'lambdah) '__make-closure-h)
                             ((eq? (car ast) 'lambdas) '__make-closure-s)
                             (else '__make-closure-z))
                       ;; name of compiled function is always last
                       ;; so we can remove it by dropping it off the end
                       (cdr (reverse (cl:remove-duplicates esyms))) ;env
                       (cadr ast)
                       (impc:ti:closure:convert (caddr ast) (append (cadr ast) esyms))))
               (if (member (car ast) *impc:letslist*)
                   (let* ((allocate-mem-for-vars? (impc:ti:allocate-var? ast))
                          (bindings (map (lambda (binding)
                                           (car binding))
                                         (cadr ast))))
                                        ;(free-syms (impc:ti:block:check-for-free-syms (cddr ast) (append bindings esyms))))
                     (cons '__make-env
                           (cons allocate-mem-for-vars?
                                 (list (impc:ti:closure:convert (cadr ast) (append bindings esyms))
                                       (impc:ti:closure:convert (caddr ast) (append bindings esyms))))))
                   (cons (impc:ti:closure:convert (car ast) esyms)
                         (impc:ti:closure:convert (cdr ast) esyms)))))
          ((atom? ast) ast))))

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