test39   xtlang

Defined in:  https://github.com/digego/extempore/tree/v0.8.9/examples/core/extempore_lang.xtm


;; Large allocation of memory on BUILD (i.e. when the closure is created)
;; requires an optional argument (i.e. an amount of memory to allocate
;; specifically for closure creation)
;; This memory is automatically free'd whenever you recompile the closure
;; (it will be destroyed and replaced by a new allocation of the
;;  same amount or whatever new amount you have allocated for closure
;;  compilation)
(bind-func test39 1000000
  (let ((k:|100000,double|* (zalloc)))
    (lambda ()
      (aset! k 0 1.0)
      (aref k 0))))

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