toplap-clock-sync   scheme

Defined in:


;; a regular sync to the current master clock
;; this loop is run by all clients
;; (including the master!)
;; also *toplap-lastsync* should never be
;; more than 1/2 second old..
;; if we get to more than 2 seconds old call
;; a general election!  because the master
;; must have died!
(define toplap-clock-sync
  (lambda ()
    (let ((t (split-clock-time (clock:clock))))
      (io:osc:send (now) (cons *masterip* *toplap-sync-port*) "/clock/sync/q"
                   (car t) (cdr t)))
    ;; if not master and last streamed message
    ;; was more than 3 seconds ago
    ;; then call a general election!
    (if (and (not *master*)
             (> (- (clock:clock) *toplap-lastmsg*) 3.0))
    (callback (+ (now) 10000) 'toplap-clock-sync)))

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